A Beggar and a Rich Man

A beggar is sitting at the door of a rich man

English Translation

Jesus once told a parable about a rich man and a beggar. They both died, but the soul of the rich man did not go to heaven. He was selfish and self-interested when he was alive, and he lived only for himself. So he received the punishment which he deserved. The beggar’s soul went up to heaven, for his sin has been forgiven. The rich man wished to come back to earth and be a good man, but it was already too late. This parable warns us so that we are not afraid of poverty or hardship. Jesus has already prepared a home in heaven for those who believe in him and love him. The Son of God Jesus once left his heavenly home and came down to earth to bring us this news. He knows that we have sinned. He came to take on the punishment which we deserved. We should remember that Jesus said: “In my Father’s house are many rooms. I am going there to prepare a place for you.” (John 14:2)

Simplified Transcription

耶稣曾说过一个比喻,论到一个有钱的和一个讨饭的。他们两个都死了,但是那有钱的人的灵魂没有上天堂去。他在世上的时候自私,自利,只为他自己活着,因此他得了他当受的刑罚。那讨饭的人的灵魂上了天堂,因为他的罪得了赦免。那时候那有钱的人很愿意能再回到世上,好好的为人,只是已经晚了。这个比喻颇能警戒我们,使我们不必怕穷苦。耶稣已经在天上为我们一切信爱他的人预备了天家。上帝的儿子耶稣曾离开天家到世上来告诉我们这个消息。他知道我们有罪,所以他来担当我们所当受的刑罚。当记得 耶稣说:“在我父的家里有许多住处。我去原是为你们预备地方去。”约翰十四章二节

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