Christianize the Family Song

Lyrics written in black

English Translation

Christianize the Family Song (to the tune of gu you san ren)

From right to left:
Made by Zhao Zichen
(1) The holy teaching advocates the holiness of the family, one man and one wife loving each other. The man is loyal and the wife is chaste, never seperating with each other to indicate their love to the Father.
(Refrain) For better or for worse, discuss everything together. To raise boys and girls, be a good model and be the true light of the world.
(2) The holy teaching advocates small families. One man and one wife should take responsibility independently. It’s all kindness of the Father to have freedom, to be equal, and to enrich life.

Printed and published by Christin Family Comittee, National Christian Council of China
Shanghai Yuanmingyuan Road Number 23

Simplified Transcription


(一)圣教主张家庭神圣 一夫一妇相爱相亲 男忠女贞永不离分 表明天父爱心
(副歌)有苦同当有福同享 凡事都要彼此商量 抚育儿女做好榜样 更做世界真光
(二)圣教主张立小家庭 一夫一妇独立担承 自由平等丰富生命 都是天父宏恩


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