Repent as Early as Possible

White characters on a black background; black and red characters on a white background

English Translation

Top and Bottom (red): Repent as early as possible to prepare for meeting the Lord

Right: The Lord Jesus said, “I am coming soon! My reward is with me.” (Revelation 22:12)

Left: I will give to each person according to what they have done (Revelation 22:12) You must flee from the coming wrath (Luke 3:7)

Bottom left (right to left): Please come to the church to buy a Bible to read

Border: No. 3110 (Hankow) Published by Religious Tract Society (Shanghai) Bible Flyer (H)

Simplified Transcription

趁早悔改  预备见主


要照各人所行的报应他(启二十二〇十二) 务要逃避将来的忿怒(路三〇七)


No. 3110 (汉口)中国基督圣教书会印行(上海) 图解布道委办 圣经屏语传单 (辛)

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