Chinese Christian Posters Project

Jason Ko

Road to God and Heaven

In this poster, there are people trying to build a road to heaven. The elements they used on the posters are art, text and color. They are a cross and sun light representing God and heaven, the people in the posters represents the people who believe in God. I personally think that this poster doesn’t have anything absent because it clearly shows the message of the poster right away. The poster is framed by the image of the poster and the text. The aesthetic style used on this poster is the color scheme and the traditional text. The message of this poster is to tell people that everyone in this world have sins but Jesus still willing to die for us not because of our justice but it is because he is too kind. Whom believe in God will live forever in heaven. I think this is because in the poster the cross and the sun represented God and heaven and it’s a warm color that provide us comfort and between heaven and the people there are sin. People that believe in God will become a good person and work their way to heaven and the text tells us that message also. I don’t think this is an unusual poster because it makes a lot of sense and it clearly showed a strong message to people. Most of the posters will use this traditional art and text because I think whenever people see something that is traditional or old, they will think it is wise. This poster has nothing that is surprising but it really shows a strong message. The poster would have made sense in another cultural context as well because the image will show the message even if it has a different language. This poster is effective, like in the Joseph Ho’ article, the image tells a lot of story and in this poster, it definitely tells the message or story before it. I want to know did people in China actually do what this poster say to get their way to heaven.  

God has everything planned for you

In this poster, it shows a text that sends out a message. The element it used is a traditional text with different front. There are no codes or symbols nor people represented. One thing that is absent from this poster is the art or an image. This poster is only framed by the text and some contrast color. The style is the color scheme and the front really makes the message pops out. I think the message of the poster is telling people that God made some people poor during their life time hut because they had to go through the pain and obstacle in their life and the end they will be in heaven and be rich in that. For those who were rich in material and things during their life time, they most likely doesn’t do anything good for others and if they are not good, at the end, they will not be in heaven and will be poor somewhere else. I think this is because the choice of words they chose to put on the poster. This seems to be an unusual poster because it doesn’t include an image and usually people like to see a poster image. There are other posters that use the similar elements to show a message. There aren’t anything surprising about the poster but I am surprised how Christianity spread in China and how many people accept it and show messages to other. This poster would be same if only the language was different. This poster is effective because I think that it shows a very meaningful message to others. I want to know if a lot of people in China actually got the message of this poster and learn from it.  

Red or White?

In this poster, it’s like the last poster I had. It shows a text with a message. The element it used also traditional text and a very cool front. There aren’t codes or symbols nor there are people represented with nature, graphs, and number. An image or art is absent from this poster. This poster is framed by a contrast color scheme and the text. The aesthetic style that were used on this poster is traditional text and front. I think the message of this poster is that it is telling people our sin might be like the color red but it will turn to as white as snow. I think this because it tells us that thought the message from the text. I would not say these posters are unusual but definitely not as often any more in today’s world. A lot of other posters does use these similar elements when it comes to telling people like a direct message. There is not anything surprising about this poste. This poster would make sense in another cultural context if only the language was change because it would still have the same meaning. The poster is effective I think because they use the color red and usually the color red means danger and something you don’t want to get into and the color white is peaceful so I think people would want to be in heaven. I want to know how are those posters get spread around through the city or China. I think from our text and in lecture in class that I can assure Christianity played a big part in China and how they try to get everyone to become a Christian.  

Thoughts on the three posters

From the three posters that I have, I can see that they are all sending a message to people that it’s not too late to turn to a Christian and get to heaven when you die. They all have similar elements that they used to show the importance of the message and the color red and green were used a lot. They related to each other because they all spread the same message to people. The questions were asking if they were actually effective during that time period and how well they spread the message around China. If I was an illiterate person seeing these posters for first time, I would ask them what kind of message was these posters sending and how they could made some of the poster be easier to understand for the people like me that did not have any education. Most of those posters are trying to tell people to join Christianity and since China was worshiping Buddhism, I want to know how many people change from Buddhism into becoming a Christian. Those message on the all the posters are very strong messages to send to people and I was wondering why it wasn’t super successful to have more people to join Christianity. For the people who doesn’t believe in Christianity, I think these messages wasn’t as effective to them because they wouldn’t think heaven is a rich and happy place. I can see that the posters are very traditional but with some of the western style within all of them. The pop up front is an example of it, it makes the text more exciting and people will want to look at it. As I was going through the posters, I can see most of them only used the color red and green and I want to know why that is. Also, on the poster that only have texts, I think they could have had an image or some sort of art in it to show a better message for everyone. I also think that those posters are for the Chinese but could those messages be the same to the westerner and see if it will be effective to them as well. 

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