Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Last Instructions on Banning Drugs

Portrait of Sun Yat-sen (top) with his words (bottom and side)

English Translation

Large font (top): [Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s] Last Instructions on Banning Drugs

Right: Ten for fifteen cents, fifty for seventy cents, one hundred for one dollar and 20 cents, the shipping fee is included

Left: 4 Hong Kong Road, Shanghai, Published by the Chinese National Drug Banning Society

Main text: The opium business must not coexist with the National Goverment empowered by the people. The popular will of Chinese people is against opium. Should there be anyone who contends for legalization of opium retail or who submits to the evil pro-opium organizations, he or she will be the enemy of the people’s will. The declaration of war against opium is non-negotiable. Should the government, for the interest of itself, for a prolonged or temporary moment cease and neglect the war, it is committing treason. In order to prohibit opium, the National Government must adopt a plan that the entire nation should abide by. But before the warlords are annihilated and the government by the people can unify China, anti-drug groups should make efforts ceaselessly, and must not give up on the determination to fight with perseverance and a non-negoting spirit. Always be determined to implement the policy without any thought of submission. Abridged ROC Year 13 Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s speech in Guangzhou on banning drugs Recorded by Chinese National Drug Banning Society

Simplified Transcription



上海香港路四号,中华国民拒毒会刊布 鸦片营业绝对不能与人民所赋予权力之国民政府两立 中国之民意未有不反对鸦片苟有主张法律准许鸦片营业或对鸦片之恶势力表示降伏者均为民意之公敌 对鸦片之宣战绝对不可妥协苟负责之政府机关为自身之私便对鸦片下旗息战不问久暂均属卖国之行为 欲达禁烟之目的必须由国民政府采定全国一致遵守之计划但在军阀未经打倒民治政府未能统一全国以前拒毒团体须奋斗不懈千万不可放弃坚忍与不妥协之奋斗决心永远抱定澈底不降服之政策 节译民国十三年 中山先生在广州发表之拒毒言论 中华国民拒毒会谨录

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