The Great Harm of Gambling

A Ghost with Dice on his Coat has a Man with a Chain around his Neck

English Translation

Center top: The Great Harm of Gambling

Left: If I don’t destroy gambling, gambling will destroy me.


Gambling turns into a societal norm, thanks to dices
Playing it day and night saps the spirit, softens the bones and causes paralysis
Wastes mind, destroys homes and. incapacitate the body, it causes the loss of morals in the heart
It turns people into beggars or thieves, and it gets worse day after day until leading them to death
They care not for their father, mother, or wife. Sigh, youth, please be careful of even starting it

Center: Gambling money is the road to poverty, killing the sparrow and playing card games, using clothes as bets, and wasting all the properties, causing wives to be cold.

Poster No. 2 Gambling Evil

Price, $3,00 per 100

China Baptist Publication Society, Canton, China

Simplified Transcription




赌博之戏社会风行 寄与摴蒱叶子骰粒

夜以继日精神衰颓 筋骨痿痹竟成瘫痪

阴消暗耗破家废身 道德沦亡心术变换

流为乞丐或成盗贼 日牵日下终入死地

不顾父母妻子受累 呜呼少年请慎厥始

中间:赌钱为耗财之路  打麻雀弄牌玩  典衣当被  化尽财产  连累了妻子受寒





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