Imperialists’ Diplomacy

Cartoon in four scenes

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Current Affairs Pictorial
No. 90, Tuesday, September 21
The First Army of the National Revolutionary Government

Imperialists’ diplomacy. After the May Thirtieth massacre, similar massacres also did occur in places such as HanKou QingDao ShaJi. Chinese people were deeply oppressed by the imperialism, their will to fight against imperialism, is getting ever stronger, for example, the Sheng Gang workers and Shanghai workers insisted upon going on strikes. The vehemence of the anti-Britain activities across the country shows that Chinese people are confrontationists when facing the cruelty of guns and killing by the British and they have the will to fight until death. But the Duan Government, which follows the ideals of imperialism and warlords, only wants to stablize its own position while putting off this life-and-death issue of massacre by every means; he even followed warlord Zhang Zongchang’s order to dismiss labor and student unions in Shanghai, Li Jinglin arrested workers and students in addition to dissolving people’s organizations in Zhili, these actions are literally helping imperialism to oppress Chinese people. Although imperialism knows that we Chinese people are not to be shamed, but those running dog warlords are used as their tools to destroy us. They pretended to have a tough attitude, so that they could appease our people’s anger. Now imperialism knows that Duan’s government longs for the implementation of the two-five additional tax; taking advantage of the uncertain outcome of the negotiation regarding the May Thirtieth massacre, it took up the sign of the tariff convention coordinated by the Great Powers at the meeting in Washington and wished to make the May Thirtieth massacre disappear. Now that the tariff convention is opening up; we should never wish to benefit from this kind of meeting; we should never slacken our people’s movement because of this kind of meeting. We need to know that the tariff convention is Duan’s government’s conspiracy of putting off the case of [?] Yan Hu.

Top right picture: An Nan general catches the good people

Top left picture: Hong Kong government passing out passports
Dog holding passport says: “Governor, using this plan to limit the Chinese going out, is not going to work.” Governor: “Haha, this dog (dirty) method is so good! I will definitely use it.”

Bottom right picture: Duan Governor’s plan;
Duan said: Don’t yell! If we do this, what do you think?
On the cake: Su Yuan Gan Shan

Bottom left: Every country is eager to make killing machines.
The United States
The United Kingdom: “If he made one I should too.”
[?]: “Haha, I should too.”
France: “In that case, so should I.”
Italy: “Hehe, me too.”

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Simplified Transcription

第九十期 九月二十一号星期二

自五卅惨案发生以后,接着有汉口青岛沙基等处同样的屠杀。最近又发生上海九七纪念日的流血事件。中国人民身受着帝国主义的压迫,反抗帝国主义的意志,越加坚决,譬如省港工人上海工人之坚持罢工。全国各地之抗英运动之热烈,皆是表明中国人民对于残酷凶狠的英番,是主张死战到底。 但是以帝国主义者和军阀的意思为意思的段政府,他只因自己的地位稳固、将这个存亡攸关的屠杀事件,百般延宕,甚照奉系军阀张宗昌在上海解工会学生会,李景林在直隶拘捕工人学生解散人民团体。此种行为简直是帮助帝国主义压迫中国民众。 帝国主义虽知道我们中国民气不可侮、但是有走狗军阀们做他们的工具,来摧残我们;他们假装一种强硬的态度,以缓和我们的民气;现在帝国主义知道段政府渴望二五附加税实行,乘着五卅惨案交涉尚未得头绪的时候,把华府会议列强协调之关税会议的招牌拿起出来,想无形中消灭五卅惨案。 现在关税会议将要开幕了,我们切不要希望这种会议于我们有利益的,我们切不可因这种会议就懈怠了我们的民众运动,我们要知道关税会议是段政府延宕沪案的妙法。







[?]: 哈哈我也如此


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