The Harm of Hiring Prostitutes

A Woman Leads a Man into a Brothel

English Translation

Top: The Harm of Hiring Prostitutes

Right: Lust is the source of all sin. You will lose your reputation and your property. You will injure your body with syphilis. You will waste your money and subject your wife to unspeakable harm.

Bottom: Venereal disease is the biggest danger; it happens at brothels; youth are especially prone to infection. Hiring prostitutes is immoral and damages your reputation, wastes your money and harms your body. You will lose your job and injure your wife. You will have no descendants and your line will become extinct. You will be a good-for-nothing your whole life. We hope that youths will be prudent and remain uninfected by this poisonous root.

On the lantern: brothel

Left: If I don’t destroy lust, lust will destroy me.

Border: Poster No. 6 The Social Evil. Prices $3.00 Per 100 China, Baptist Publication Society, Canton, China

Simplified Transcription


右侧:色为万罪之源 丢名誉 破财产 戕身促命 染梅毒 化银钱 遗害妻子难言

底端:花柳病最危险 发生处娼妓馆 少年人尤易染 丧道德坏名誉 伤钱财损肢体 荒职业害妻子 绝后裔灭人伦 致终身成废人 望少年要谨慎 勿传染此毒根



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