The Prostitution Evil

A Woman Leads a Man into a Brothel

English Translation

Top: The Prostitution Evil

Right: Lust is the source of all sins;  loss of reputation, loss of property, hurts your own body,  syphilis, wastes money, the harm it does to your wife is unspeakable.

Bottom: Venereal disease is the most dangerous. It happens at brothels; youth are especially prone to infection; To go is to lose moral values and damage your reputation, waste money and harm your body, lose your job and harm your wife, stop the future generation and put end to our posterity; to visit a brothel makes a man useless man for his whole life; hope that youths are cautious; don’t get infected by this root of sin.

On the lantern: brothel

Left: If I don’t destroy lust, lust will destroy me.

Border: Poster No. 6 The Social Evil. Prices $3.00 Per 100 China, Baptist Publication Society, Canton, China

Simplified Transcription


右侧:色为万罪之源 丢名誉 破财产 戕身促命 染梅毒 化银钱 遗害妻子难言

底端:花柳病最危险 发生处娼妓馆 少年人尤易染 丧道德坏名誉 伤钱财损肢体 荒职业害妻子 绝后裔灭人伦 致终身成废人 望少年要谨慎 勿传染此毒根



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