Christ as the Word able to Save

A scroll flanked by two red couplets

English Translation

Top: The Word of Christ is…

Series of adjectives (right to left): Perfect, Certain, Upright, Pure, Eternal, True, Righteous (Psalm 19: 7 – 11)

In the middle: The Follower can…

Series (right to left): cultivate his character, show his sincerity, improve his body, manage his family, govern his country, pacify the country

Right: The world is drowning and it needs the Word to save it

Left: If the people are fools, teach them with Bible

Simplified Transcription



中间第三四行:全备 确定 正直 清洁 永存 真实 公义 (诗十九篇七至十一节)

中间第五行:尊 守 者


中间最下:正其心 诚其意 修其身 齐其家 治其国 平天下



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