Breakdown Chart

A chart with the key aims of the New Life Movement

English Translation

Top: Explanatory Breakdown Chart of Military, Production, and Arts on Life

Content (from top to bottom, right to left):

Militarization— Spiritual aspect: awaken martial and patriotic spirits; Actions aspect: note swift and orderly actions; Living aspect: adopt plain and modest lifestyle; Habitual aspect: foster a habit of adhering to the disciplines

Production— Monetary aspect: advocate frugality and saving, to ensure the increase in social resources; Labor aspect: focus on time conservation and operation, to ensure increase in quantity and improvement of quality; Material aspect: focus on the promotion of domestic goods, to ensure the austerity and protection of goods

Arts— Self-discipline aspect: ensure a rigorous and modest attitude; Relational aspect: ensure sincerity and generosity; Business-handling aspect: ensure swiftness and meticulousness; Matter-attending aspect: ensure frugality and probity

White characters in the background: New Life

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Examined and Approved by New Life Movement General Promotion Council

Simplified Transcription


军事化— 精神方面:唤起尚武爱国之精神;行动方面:注意迅速整齐之行动;生活方面:实行简单朴素之生活;习惯方面:养成遵守纪律之习惯

生产化— 资金方面:崇尚节用与储蓄,务求社会资源之增益;劳力方面:注重惜时与操作,务求量之增加与质之充实;物质方面:注重国货之提倡,务求物品之撙节与爱护

艺术化— 持躬方面:务求严谨谦和;待人方面:务求诚挚宽厚;处事方面:务求迅速精到;接物方面:务求俭约清廉


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