Covering a candle, a burning candle, a candle under the bed.

English Translation

How stupid are people who cover the candle using a jar? When it is covered, the light will be extinguished. It is no use to put the candle underneath the bed, for either the candle will be extinguished or the bed will catch fire. When the day is dark we light the lamp or the candle and put it in a place that allows it to light up everywhere. Jesus said, whoever loves him is like light in a dark place. If there is sin in our hearts, then the light is hidden and useless. See Matthew 5:14-16, Mark 4:21, Luke 8:16. You should remember that Jesus said, [You are the light of the world.] Matthew 5:15 Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” John 14:6

Simplified Transcription

用斗把蜡烛盖起来是何等糊涂的人呢?蜡烛被盖起来,光焰一定要熄灭。把蜡烛放在床底下也没有用处,因为不是蜡烛熄灭,便是使床着火。天黑暗的时候我们点上灯或蜡烛必是要放在一个可以照亮各处的地方。耶稣说,凡信爱他的人必要像黑暗地方的光。我们心里若有罪,便如同灯光隐藏起来,没有用处。看马太五章十四至十六节 马可四章二十一节 路加八章十六节 当记得 耶稣说:【你们是世上的光。】马太五章十五节 耶稣说:【我是道路,真理,生命。】约翰十四章六节

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