Eradicate Warlords and Unite Guangdong

A soldier uses a shovel to get rid of warlords

English Translation

Title in top middle: Eradicate Warlords and [Re]Unite Guangdong

Top left: The Revolutionary Army eradicates several Cantonese warlords, Hong Zhaolin, Deng Benyin and Lin Hu, and forbids them to shield smokers and gamblers, collect exorbitant and multifarious taxes and levies, damaging the country and bringing calamity to the people; in order to guarantee the unity and peace of Guangdong and protect the lives and properties of people.

On the map: Guangdong, Shantou [Swatow], Hong Kong, Qiongya [Hainan]

On the figures: Hong Zhaolin, Deng Benyin, Lin Hu (western bills)

Top right: Published by the United Society of Chinese Youth and Military

Simplified Transcription

铲除军阀 统一广东





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