From Death Unto Life

Sinners fall into an abyss, unless Jesus’ cross becomes a bridge to salvation

English Translation

Right: There is only one way to cross over from death to life

Left: Salvation is found in no one else but the Lord;

Middle: Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” (Jn 14:6)

Rock on Right: Eternal death.
Rock on the left: Eternal life

Characters on the broken bridge: Relying on one’s virtue is sure to fail. It will break right away and there’s no way to fix it.

Character on men’s back: sin.

Bottom image, on the cross on the left, vertical: A new and living way.
Cross, horizontal: Cross over from death to life.

On the cross on the right: a new and living way.
On the bridge: the Lord says I am the way.

Botton Left: Please note that these two bottom pictures have the same meaning. The Bible teacher can cut off either one and paste or pin it so that the listeners can receive a new and living way.

Border: Please go to a church to hear the gospel and to study the Bible.
V.E. Poser “FROM DEATH UNTO LIFE” Cat. No. 3076
Published by the Religious Tract Society, Hankow and Shanghai

Simplified Transcription


左侧: 除主以外别无拯救

上端:耶稣说 若不借着我 没有人能到父那里去(约翰十四章第六节)


断桥上:从右至左:靠己德必落空 顷刻败坏无法可治


下端小图:右侧十字架:又新又活的路 人所站的桥上:主说我是道路 坠入深渊的重担:罪 左侧十字架:横向:出死入生 纵向: 又新又活的路

脚注: 注意 此下面二图是同一意义 讲员可将两图剪下随意选择其一按图贴上或用针钉在上面以便听者能于无路中得一又新又活的路


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