I am the light of the world

Jesus stands outside the door knocking, holding a lantern

English Translation

Top: The Lord Jesus said, I am the light of the world
Right: Behold! I stand outside the door and knock. If someone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in, and I will eat with him, and he with me.

Revelation 3:20

Left: The true light came to his own, and his own people did not receive him. All who received him, who trusted in his name, he gave them the right to be sons and daughters of the High Lord.

John 1:12

Bottom right: In the beginning was the Way

Bottom left: The Way become flesh

Large paragraph of small characters:

An explanation of the picture

This is a famous English painter’s painting which hangs in Oxford University. He calls this painting “the Light of the World.” On the left there is a door. I have already shut the door in his face, the lock cannot be opened from the outside, or it was already locked for fear that he might come in. The grass outside shows no footsteps. The hinges and nails on the door are old and rusty. The tangled grass and weeds climb the wall, vines are withered and dropping leaves indicating that this door has not been opened in a long time. The bat above clings to the eaves in the day and at night flies to and fro.

Although I do not open the door, I seem to see an honored guest outside the door. The clothes that he wears are like the spotless white robes of a priest in the temple. I suppose they are those worn by the great high priest when he comes to the Holy Place to redeem the sins of the people. He truly is the great high priest. He comes to enable me to see the High Lord. If it were not for this kind of great high priest how could I myself see the Lord?

He also wears a mantle like a king, made with gold thread pearls and precious stones. Apart from a king, who would have this breastplate that is like Aaron’s breastplate? There are precious stones of the 12 tribes of Israel, indicating the law of the old covenant. There is a ring of eternal life, within which are set 12 precious stones that are the foundation of the New Jerusalem, representing the new covenant. Between these is a cross connecting the old and new covenants. This honored guest is the king of kings. Has he come to be your king. What method could he use to call you to open the door?

I also saw his crowns. One is the crown of a king, made with gold and precious stones, placed on his head by his heavenly Father, indicating his authority. But he also has a crown of thorns placed on his head by his enemies, indicating his enemies want to cause his suffering. He wears this bitter crown reminding me how much shame he receive for my sake, revealing that love has conquered hate, because his sacrifice leads the hearts of the people of the world to return to the High Lord. You can look carefully at this wonder, the thorns are not sharp. Although it died, it resurrected. Its leaves are able to “heal the nations”. The light emanating from the crown of thorns on the head of the Savior-lord indicate full hope of salvation in his being nailed to the cross.

Another light emanates from the lantern the honored guest carries. The emanating light indicates my conscience, radiates to the door, penetrating my heart. The red light from the lantern falls on the white robes, causing me to see the most holy robes. But when the light falls on other things, it is the warm light of my conscience illuminating the door and fruit that has fallen from the tree. This fruit indicates the root of sin inherited from Adam and Eve. Is this fruit mine? This fruit garden seems to be in my memory, could it be the Garden of Eden? For not listening to the command, a flaming sword, a lost garden of joy, a black curse makes each generation blind. At that time, “a righteous head must arise, the light of which has the power of healing.” In the East a morning star introducing the rising sun can be seen. Is it actually the sun of righteousness? Below the tree is a river of life, bright and shining like crystal.” Is this magnificent light for me? This honored guest, by taking advantage of the darkness by coming early, is it not to call me so as not to miss the rays of light coming from the sun?

I cannot help but see the face of the honored guest. He has a face that manifests love that comes through suffering, a mercy that can pierce through the hardest heart, a patience that lasts as long as the planet. KNOCK KNOCK A silent wish. Although he gently urges me, he cannot not but be successful. I, upon hearing this honored guest who comes in the appearance of a king–knocking at the door, knocking at the door–while he remains outside, how can I not with great urgency and speed open the door?

Sunday School Union

Simplified Transcription


右边:看哪 我站在门外叩门若有听见我的声音就开门的我要进到他那里去我与他他与我一同坐席 启示录三章二十节







这是英国一有名声的画家    画的一画图   挂在牛津大学里面   他叫这画图为“世界的光”   在左边有门   我已经当他的面把门关起来   门上的锁从外面不能开   或早已关锁   怕他来   外面草上没有脚踪   门上的铁铰与钉子   已旧而生锈 门外所长的乱草   荆棘 爬墙藤   已枯老落叶   表明这门多时未开了   上面的蝙蝠 白日抓住屋檐   黑夜飞来飞去

我虽然不开门   我仿佛看见门外站着贵客   他穿的衣服   好像祭司在圣殿里穿的无缝的白袍   想是大祭司长所穿的   要进到圣所   为众民赎罪   实在他是大祭司长   他来为使我能因他得见上帝   若没有这样的大祭司   我这个人怎么能见主呢

他又穿一件大披肩   仿佛一王 那是用金线 珠子   与宝石织成的   除了王能有这样的胸牌   如同亚伦的胸牌   那有以色列十二支派的宝石   表明旧约律法   那边是一永活的圈   内有新耶路撒冷的十二宝石根基   就是表明新约   当中有十字架 联络新旧二约   这贵客乃是万王之王   他来为你的王么   他能用什么法子叫你们开门呢

我也看见他的冠冕 一个是王的冠冕   金子与宝石做的   是他天父加在他头上   表明他的权位   但也有一荆棘冠冕   是他仇敌戴在他头上   表明他们的仇恨   要使他受痛苦   他戴这苦冠冕   使我记得他为我受多少羞辱   显明爱胜过恨   因他的牺牲   领世人的心回转上帝   可细看这希奇事   那荆棘兴不锋利 虽然死了    他仍旧复活   他的叶子   能“医治万民”从救主头上戴的荆棘冠冕所发出的光   表明我满有得救的盼望   在于他为我钉死十字架

另有一光   是从那贵客所带的灯而来   发出的光   是表明我良心   光射过那门   扎我的心   灯的红光照在白袍上   使我看出他最清洁的义袍   但他照在别的东西上   就是良心热烈的光   照在门与树上所落下的果子上   表明亚当夏娃遗传下来的罪恶根源   这果子是我的么   这果子园似乎在我的记性中   就是那伊甸园里不能吃的果子   不听命   一把火剑   一失掉的乐园   一黑暗的咒诅   使他们一代一代的成为瞎眼   到时候“必有公义的头出现   其光线有医治之能”   东边可看晨星介绍日光上升   实在是公义的日头么   在树下有生命水的河   “明亮如水晶”   这华美的光都是为我么   贵客这样乘黑早来   不叫我失掉太阳出来的光线么

我不能不看这贵客的脸   有显明从痛苦出来的爱   有一能剌透硬心的怜悯   有一像行星那样长久的忍耐   叩   叩   有一静默无声的志愿   虽然他是温柔的催促我   但至终不能不成就   我对于这君王形状的贵客   叩门   叩门   还在外   何不急速将门开呢


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