Our Foe–The Fly

An infographic explains how the fly spread infection

English Translation

Our Foe– The Fly

(Follow the arrow):
Female flies lay many eggs in a cesspool:
eggs become maggots;
maggots become pupa;
pupa turn into cocoons;
cocoons break and flies come out, flying everywhere and finding food

(Columns from left to right):

(Column one):
A child suffer from dysentery. The cloths with his excrement are laid on the ground. Flies gather on the cloths and pick up the bacterias of dysentery on their feet.
These bacteria get on a baby’s bottle. When he drinks milk, he swallows the bacterias
and is infected with dysentery.

(Column two):
A person suffers from cholera and experiences diarrhea in the restroom. Flies gather and their feet pick up the bacteria of cholera again.
These bacteria get on a person’s bowl. When he eats food, he swallows the bacteria
and is infected with cholera.

(Column three):
A person suffers typhoid fever, lying on an indoor bed. Flies gather and their feet are covered with the bacteria of typhoid.
The bacteria get on a muskmelon. When someone eats it, he swallows the bacterias
and be infected with typhoid.

(Column four):
A person suffers from rickets. Flies eat the phlegm he spits on the ground, picking up  the infecting bacteria of rickets on their feet.
These bacterias get on a piece of cookie. When a child eats it, he swallows the bacterias
and is infected with rickets.

(Bottom text in red):
Most diseases spread through the flies in summer: make a fly swatter, prepare fly traps, and place fly paper, then the flies will be diminished. Flies cannot enter items with iron coverage. Kill and prevent flies, then disease will not intrude.

(Small text upon pictures at bottom):
Fly swatter
Fly trap
Fly paper

Made by Health and Education Organization
Shanghai Yuanmingyuan Road Number 23

Simplified Transcription



有母苍蝇焉赴粪缸生卵 甚夥
卵孵成蛆 蛆变蛹 蛹变茧 茧破子蝇出任飞各处而觅食焉


第一栏: 一儿患痢疾 屎布置地上 蝇集其上 其足上沾痢疾菌甚多 此种细菌更落到一儿的乳瓶上 儿食乳时 吞菌入腹 遂亦患痢疾
第二栏: 一人患霍乱 在厕中大泄 蝇类飞集 其足又沾霍乱菌甚多 此种细菌更落到一人的饭碗上 其人进食 吞菌入腹 遂亦患霍乱
第三栏: 一人患伤寒 病卧于室中 有蝇飞入 其足又沾伤寒菌甚多 此种细菌落到香瓜上 有人食瓜 菌亦入腹 遂亦患伤寒
第四栏: 一人患痨病 吐痰地上 蝇食痰 其足又沾痨病菌甚多 此种细菌更落到一片饼干上 一儿食饼 菌遂入腹 亦患痨症

夏日疾病多传于蝇 制打蝇扇 备捕蝇笼 置胶蝇纸
蝇自能除 铁纱罩物 蝇不能入 灭蝇防蝇 疾病不侵



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