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On the book:
Baoding YMCA
Student Sports Week

Title of the middle row
All elementary and junior high school students are eligible to participate«
The middle row, from right to left:
General Meeting Gathering
(1) Celebrity speech meeting
(2) National art observation meeting
(3) Exhibition of treasures
(4) Visit
Individual competitions
(1) Speech contest
(2) Essay Contest
(3) Calligraphy Contest
(4) National Calligraphy Contest
(5) Ping-Pong Competition
The details of each event and the competition are listed in the handbook, which can be obtained from the school authorities if you wish to participate.

Title of the bottom row
Student Sports Week Calendar
The bottom row, from right to left:
Date Time Gathering Location
Saturday, May 19
3-6 p.m Exhibition of treasures
4 p.m. Lecture on ” Religious Education”
7:00 p.m. Lecture on “Agriculture and Students”
Sunday, May 20
2 p.m. Speech Preliminaries
2 – 6 p.m. Exhibition of treasures
7 p.m. Lecture on “Student Life and Religion”
Monday, May 21
2-6 p.m. Exhibition of treasures
3:00 p.m. Speech Preliminaries
7:00 p.m. Lecture on “Order in Student Life”
Tuesday, May 22
7 p.m. Lecture on “Hygiene in Student Life”
Wednesday, May 23
4 p.m. Ping-Pong Preliminary Round
Before 6 p.m. National painting submission period
7 p.m. Lecture on “Secondary School Students and Public Education”
Thursday, May 24
4 p.m. Ping-Pong Preliminary Round
Before 6 p.m. Period for the presentation of the logo
7 p.m. Lecture on “Labor Sickness” in lieu of activity videos
Friday, May 25
4 p.m. Ping-Pong Preliminary Round
Before 6 p.m. Calligraphy submission period
Saturday, May 26t
3:30 p.m. Speech Finals
2 p.m. Ping Pong Final Round Session
2 p.m. Chinese Martial Arts Observation
Place: Baoding YMCA

Simplified Transcription



日期 时间 聚会 地点
五月十九日 星期六
下午三至六点 恩物展览会
下午四点 演讲会「宗教教育」
晚七时 演讲会「农业与学生」
廿日 星期日
下午两点 演说预赛会
下午两至六点 恩物展览会
晚七时 演说会「学生生活与宗教」
廿一日 星期一
下午二至六点 恩物展览会
下午三点 演说预赛会
晚七时 演说会「学生生活中应守的秩序」
廿二日 星期二
晚七时 演讲会「学生时代的卫生」
廿三日 星期三
下午四点 乒乓预赛会
下午六时以前 交国画时期
晚七时 演说会「中学生与民众教育」
廿四日 星期四
下午四点 乒乓预赛会
下午六时以前 交徽文时期
晚七时 演讲会「劳病」代活动影片
廿五日 星期五
下午四点 乒乓预赛会
下午六时以前 交书法时期
廿六日 星期六
下午三点半 演说决赛会
下午两点 乒乓决赛会
下午两点 国术观摩会


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