The Cares of Life

A man frowning, worrying about all the things floating above his head.

English Translation

Top: Blessed is the man, whose delight is in the law of Jehovah, and on his law he meditates day and night (Psalm 1:2).

Right: You are worried and upset about many things. The things you think about are appropriate and important, but there is a more important question that you have not thought about, that is how to receive eternal life. Once this question is answered, all the others will fall in place.

Bottom: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Pe 5:7) Jesus said, do not worry about tomorrow. (Matthew 6:34)

Above man’s head: fame and wealth, career, plans, economy, family, love, entertainment, social life, future, arts, success and failure, production, studies and knowledge

Border: No. 19099 The Cares of Life
Religious Tract Society, Hankow

Simplified Transcription

顶端:惟喜爱耶和华的法律 昼夜思想这人便为有福 诗一章二节

右侧:你为许多的事思虑烦扰 虽然所想的都是一些正当重要的事,但还有比这更重大的问题却没有想到,那就是如何才能得到永生?这个问题一经解决,其他的问题都必自然解决了。

底端:你们要将一切的忧虑卸给上帝因为他顾念你们 提前* 五章七节 耶稣说..不要为明天忧虑。 马太六章卅四节

人头顶环绕的:名利 事业 计划 经济 家庭 爱情 娱乐 交际 出路 艺术 成败 生产 学问 *应为彼前


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