The Four-Education Movement for Juniors

The poster announces a competition to promote physical and mental health among youth. Students need to be 12 to 20 years of age to compete. There are two types of competition: one for school groups (including singing, debate, basketball, etc.) and another for individual students (including essays, calligraphy, speech, indoor activities, etc.). The poster has an image and Chinese text, and it is printed in blue and red ink on cream-colored paper.

English Translation

On the right side: The Four-Education Movement for Juniors, Tianjin YMCA

On the bridge: Robust Personality
Pillars holding up bridge: Morality, Intelligence, Physical, Collectivity

Bottom left: Group competitions – singing competition, debate competition, basketball shooting competition, tug-of-war competition. Each school its own unit.

School Individual competitions: essay competition, calligraphy competition, indoor sports competition, speech competition, all individuals 12 to 20-year-olds can participate
All welcome!!! Please sign up!!!
Date – June 4th to 11th
Deadline for registration: June 3rd.
Please ask the Academic Affairs Office or the Youth Association at your school for detailed information.

Simplified Transcription



桥柱:德智体群 左图

中间:团体比赛项目 唱歌比赛 雄辩比赛 投篮比赛 拔河比赛 以学校为单位 个人比赛项目 征文比赛 书法比赛 室内运动 演说比赛 十二岁之二十岁之少年皆可参加




左侧:详章:请向本校教务室或青年会索取 华[?]

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