The Way of the Lord

 A pair of Chinese couplets demonstrating the path of God


Couplet left: Instruct the foolish people through the Bible

Couplet right: The world is drowning, rescue it through the Way

Middle scroll, large characters: The Way of the Lord

Middle scroll, medium characters in middle, line 1: [Is] perfect (or complete), certain, upright, clean, eternal, true, [and] righteous

Middle scroll, medium characters in middle, line 2: the one who observes [these]

Middle scroll, large character: Is able

Middle scroll, medium characters at bottom: to rectify his heart-mind, bring to sincerity his intentions, reform himself, align his family, govern the state, and bring peace to all under heaven

Characters below scrolls:
Shanghai Kunshan Garden, no. 4
Please go to the Gospel Hall to hear the Word and study the Bible
Shanghai Publishing Company

In red characters: Pronunciation guide





中间画卷中字一号线:全备 确定 正直 清洁 永存 真实 公义



中间画卷下字:正其心 诚其意 修其身 齐其家 治其国 平天下

画卷之下:上海昆山花园四号 请到福音堂听道查经 上海商务印书馆代印


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