Wells of Salvation

A woman at the right, a bucket next to her left, and a well below

English Translation

Small characters:
Right: When done with talking, sing the chorus of 153 in CIM Hymnal Now none but Christ can satisfy None other name for me; There’s love and life and lasting joy, Lord Jesus, found in Thee.

Left (translation provided in the middle): Children’s Cut-out Poster No. 9 Wells of Salvation Isa. 12:3 and John 4:14 Preparation of Material:— The 3 pieces (well, bucket, woman) should each be cut out and pasted to a cardboard back. The well and bucket should have openings, by cutting along the dotted lines before mounting. The well and woman should have cardboard supports so they can stand upright. A cord should be attached to the bucket handle, with a loop at the end ready to pass around the hand of the woman when that step in the talk is reached.
The characters 一二三四五(1,2,3,4,5) are cut apart and placed one on top of the other (in order as found in Isa. 12) in the bucket slit, with just the tips showing. The colour of the top slip being the same as the inside of bucket they are not noticed until taken out at the end of the story.
The woman may be first shown, emphasizing her thirsty condition. The well is next shown as the source of the satisfaction of her need. But the woman must come to the well (来), And she must exercise faith:—the bucket (信) is let down into the well and drawn up and its contents 一二三四五(1,2,3,4,5) partaken of. (接受)
The chorus of “Now none but Christ can satisfy.” May be taught with this. (153 in C,I.M:Hymnal.)

Large Characters Top (top to bottom, left to right, separated with semicolon): Come, Accept (1) Salvation; (2) Trust ; (3) Fearless; (4) Strength; (5) Songs (5); Faith; Come; Accept
Bottom: Well of Salvation
Red characters: With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation

Simplified Transcription

右: 讲完唱内地会颂主圣歌一五三首的副歌

左: 儿童的剪贴广告
救恩井 以赛亚十二章三节 约翰四章十四节 预备的材料:
井、桶、妇人、要分别剪出贴在硬纸板上。在井与桶上所画的虚线,要用小刀剪开。井与妇人要用硬纸板在背后撑起,使他能站立起来。又要一根线系在桶的梁上,另外一端绕上妇人的手上。一面将,一面将妇人从井取水之状表演出来。 这些一二三四五的一套字样(在赛十二章二节),也剪开分别折好,把这一套叠起塞入桶中,桶原是开了口的。(先不要人见桶内的字样,所以第一张拯救的字样背面是蓝色与水桶的里面相同),直等讲完了才把内容的字样,一张一张抽出来。 描述这妇人,先要叙述他的干渴状况,其次说明井是满足他需要的泉源。但这妇人必须来到井旁,然后能用桶从井中取水(表明信心)有信心然后能取用享受,止他的渴。

大字: 上:(左至左右):来 接受 拯救(一); 依靠(二); 不惧怕(三); 力量(四); 诗歌 (五);信

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