Gate of Grace

In one scene the door is opening and people are going through; in the other scene the door is closed and people are locked outside.

English Translation

Right: Now – The gate of grace is open

Left: In the future – The gate of grace closed.
Voice from within the gate: I don’t know you.
Cry from the crowd (in Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and English): Sir,……Open the door for us!

Christian Book Room, 3 Quinsan Gardens, Shanghai

Bottom: A solar calendar of December with Chinese lunar weather terms.

Simplified Transcription

上图右:现在 恩门开

上图左:将来 恩门关

门内传出的声音:我不认识你们 众人的呼喊(分别是汉语、俄语、日语、英语)主……啊 给我们开门

底端公历日历及阴历节气:中华民国二十六年 十二月 七日大雪 廿二日冬至