25th Anniversary of the Chinese Young Men’s Christian Association

This is a poster for the 25th Anniversary of the Chinese YMCA, Tianjin (Tientsin), April 1-5, 1920. The two-color poster has Chinese text and an image of a boy who is dressed in a uniform and is running and carrying a YMCA flag. The poster encourages youth to hurry up and not to miss this opportunity.

English Translation

Top: The 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Chinese YMCA

Guests: Zhang Boli, Nie Yuntai, Kuang Fuzhuo, Wang Zhengting, The British Ambassador, Li Yuanhong, The American Ambassador, Ba Leman, Huang Yanpei, Cheng Jingyi

Right: Time – The Ninth Year of People’s Republic, April 1-5

Left: Location – Tianjin YMCA

Bottom: Hurry to the conference. Do not miss this opportunity.

Simplified Transcription

顶端:中华基督青年会廿五周年纪念 莅会名人 张伯苓 聂云台 邝富灼 王正廷 英公使 黎元洪 美公使 巴乐满 黄炎培 诚静怡

右侧:时期  民国九年四月一日至五日

左侧:地点  天津青年会


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