Christ Comes to Jerusalem

Children’s Bible Lesson

English Translation

Bottom left: Jesus enters
Top right: Cleanse thoroughly
Center right: Bear fruit

Right (English instructions identical to Chinese instructions on left):
Children’s “Cut-out” Poster. No. 8. CHRIST COMES TO JERUSALEM


1. Entering the city as King. Matt. 21:1—9. In this part of the story the picture of the city gate, branches and children are used. The two children are introduced as an illustration of one who willingly lays all at the feet of Jesus and crowns Him King, receiving the joy of heart that follows; and one who withholds her best and suffers a sad heart in consequence.

2. Cleansing the Temple. Matt. 21:10—16. Here the picture of the Temple is used. when the doors are opened the moneychanger and ox etc. are found inside. A pocket has been made out of the blank piece by folding along the dotted line and pasting to back of Temple. In the pocket thus formed the occupants are found and from there cast out. When Christ comes in He cleanses from all defilement.

3. Seeking fruit. Matt.21:17—22. Here the fig-tree is used. The fruit found in Gal. 5: 22, 23 may be written in large characters as being the fruit Christ should have found. The chorus:—”Come into my heart, Lord Jesus;” may be used. The red heart and three headings are introduced during the lesson. Note:— The gate may be pinned up on the black-board and also all the other pieces in their turn. (or) The pieces may be mounted on cardboard and where necessary made to stand upright by placing cardboard stands at the back. (or) The pieces may be arranged and pasted on a large sheet of paper or cotton beforehand and used that way.

Chinese Transcription

大字 左下:耶稣进来

小字 左:儿童“剪贴”广告图第八号 基督进耶路撒冷马太二十一章一至二十二节

(甲)进京作王 马太二十一章一至九节 在这一段里有城门,有树枝,有两个小孩。 两个小孩,其中有一个是愿意把一切放在耶稣的脚前,并且承认他是王,心中得了主的喜乐。其他的一个,不肯交与耶稣,保留他的宝贝为自己,但是心中却忧愁得很。

(乙)洁净圣殿 马太二十一章十至十六节 在这一段里有圣殿,殿门是可开的,(剪开)里面有兑换银钱的,与牛羊鸽子等,这些放在一个袋子里,(袋子材料印在本图角上可剪下应用)贴在圣殿的里面(从背后贴)表明这些占据在圣殿里。基督见了,就把他们撵出去。这表明基督来了,要除去人心中的一切污秽。

(丙)寻找果子 马太二十一章十七至二十二节 在这一段里有无花果树,果子是加拉太五章二十二,二十三节的字样,这些字样可另纸用大字写出。这些果子是基督向人所要求的。讲完,唱“求来到我心主耶稣”的副歌。




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