Christianize the Family Song

Lyrics written in red

English Translation

Christianize the Family Song (to the tune of Jesus loves me)

From right to left:
(1) To revive Chinese church, it is necessary to revive the family. The whole family should be christianized and hold Jesus as the center.
(Chorus) Christianize the family, Christianize the family, Christianize family, It’s time to Christianize family
(2) Marriage is an image of the way the Lord loves the church. God ordains holy marriage. With monogamy, man and wife respect and love each other. Life and death, sadness and happiness, are their destiny.
(3) Parents are kind to their children and obey their heavenly nature, brothers and sisters are of one heart. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, daughter and her sister-in-law, and wives of brothers are all harmounious and obey the new commandments of the Christ.
(4) There used to be no ineqaulity between masters and servants. They were all brothers in front of the Father. Servants should be sincere and masters should be merciful. They should consider each other as a family.
(5) Families should care about hygiene. Living spaces and food should be clean. Appropriate excercise strengthens the body and holy work glorifies the Lord’s name.
(6) Faith is known through good works, shining gloriously on neighbors. The spirit of fraternity spreads around the world. Save money on food and clothes to help the poor.
(7) If a family wants to be christianized, family worship is the most important. Praying and reading the bible in the morning and evening brings joyfulness from the heaven to fill the family.

Simplified Transcription


(一)中国教会要奋兴 奋兴还须重家庭 全家都该基督化 高举基督为中心
(副歌)基督化家庭 基督化家庭 基督化家庭 要基督化家庭
(二)主兴教会比婚姻 婚姻神圣由天定 一夫一妻相敬爱 生死祸福乐天命
(三)亲慈儿孝顺天性 兄弟姐妹都同心 婆媳姑嫂妯娌和 遵守基督新诫命
(四)主仆原无不平等 天父面前皆弟兄 仆要衷心主慈仁 互相体贴如家人
(五)家庭还要讲卫生 起居饮食须洁净 正当游戏健身体 动作圣工荣主名
(六)信心表示在善行 发出光辉照四邻 博爱精神贯天下 省衣节食济穷困
(七)若要基督化家庭 家庭礼拜最要紧 朝晚祈祷读圣经 天堂福乐满家门

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