The Rural Young Women’s  Association

A female farmer walking with hoe over her shoulder against background map of China

English Translation

Top: The Rural Young Women’s  Association

Below Woman: She makes up 85% of the total number of Chinese women.

Marks on map: Fushan, Songshu, Dachang, Taishan,

Map notes in the bottom right corner: The Rural Young Women’s  Association: Fushan, Shandong; Songshu, Nanjing;Dachang, Shanghai; Taishan, Guangdong

Simplified Transcription


图片下方(从左至右,从上至下):她占中国妇女 全数85%

地图上的三角形标注(从上至下): 福山 宋墅 大场 台山

右下角地图注记 (从上至下,从左至右): 乡村女青年会 山东福山 南京宋墅 上海大场 广东台山

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