Only Two Roads

A person is standing in the middle of the road to Heaven, while another person stands in the middle of the road to Hell

English Translation

Top right: Only two roads are available for you to take, which one will you choose

Bottom right corner: To claim life and blessing, you need the Lord Jesus

Text on the left: Christ died and was buried for our sins, and rose again on the third day, and the Lord will come again

The castle in the upper left corner: The heavenly city of eternal bliss

The road from the castle to the cross: the road to Heaven

The Cross: Jesus Christ came to earth to save sinners

The tomb: The empty tomb of the Savior—the first of many to come.

The cross connects to the road in the lower left corner: the road to Hell

The baggage of the people on the road to hell and on the bag under the cross: sin

Lower left corner: Hell’s eternal fire

South Hundred and Four Chang

Simplified Transcription



左边文字:基督为我们的罪死了并且埋葬了 第三天复活了 主必再来了

左上角的城堡:天城 永福无尽







南 百零四 昌

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