Parable of Minas

A man is settling accounts with his servants

English Translation

Big characters on the bottom: The parable of minas (Luke 19)

On the plaque hanging on the wall: Be faithful to the Lord.

Small characters below the image: The picture shows one of Jesus’ parables. The ten servants on one side each received one mina from the master and was told to be faithful. On the other side of the picture, they are reporting to the master what they have earned. The faithful are rewarded and the unfaithful punished. Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. (1 Cor 4:2)

Under the bottom left corner of the picture: 31:19

Simplified Transcription

银锭的比喻 路加十九章


图下说明:图内是耶稣说的一比喻 一边有十个仆人 主人交给每仆人一锭银子叫他们忠心为他使用那一边表明他们报告各人为主所得的忠心的受赏不忠心的被罚 所求于管家的是要他有忠心 哥林多前四章二节

图右下角之下:三一年十九 31:19

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