Phonetic Alphabet Gospel Poster

Phonetic Alphabet Gospel Poster

English Translation

Top Banner: The Bible proclaims good news

Right couplet: Glory in Heaven

Left couplet: Peace on earth

Above the circle, from right to left: Jesus Christ came to the world to save sinners

Inside the cross, top to bottom: He was born today for you

Inside the cross, right to left: Savior-lord

Stars inside the circle, right to left: I announce to you good news that is for all people

Large characters inside the book, right to left: The Lord Jesus said, it is the Scriptures that give testimony about me Chapter 5, Verse 39

Margins of the book: (right) The Gospel of John 258 (left) The Gospel of John 259

Lower left: The High Lord loved the world to such an extent that he sent his only son so that those who trust in him would not perish but have eternal life

Lower center: In the center of this picture is a large book. It is Christianity’s Bible (lit. Holy Scriptures). Inside this Bible is declared to us good news which is for all people, that the Lord, the savior of the world has been born. Throughout his life he preached the good news that saves people. Afterward he died on a cross. He bled and gave up his life, redeeming people from their sin. Three days after he died he was resurrected to life to make people righteous. In forty days he ascended to Heaven. All who trust in his love will certainly receive peace and blessing.

On this picture why are there stars? Because the Bible says, in ancient times wise men from the East saw in the heavens a special star appear and they knew that the king of kings, the Savior-Lord Jesus was born, so they came from far away to worship him

At the top of the picture is a cross. Above it there are two characters that mean “today.” They indicate the day of Jesus’ birth, using the solar calendar shared by all believers everywhere to be December 25 as a joyous day, as the day to celebrate Jesus’ holy birth. On this day all believers everywhere have a special gathering to commemorate and worship Jesus, invite all people to come to the church, and with all believers rejoice together and worship and receive peace that comes from the Lord

Below the picture:
Shanghai Publishing Company
Please come to the Gospel Hall to hear the Word and study the Bible
Shanghai Kunshan Garden, no. 4

Simplified Transcription








书里面,大字从右到左:主耶稣说给我作见证的就是这经 第五章三十九节

书里面,边缘:约翰福音 二百五八 约翰福音 二百五九


下面中间:这画图内有一大本书 是基督教的圣经 在这圣经里面 报给我们大喜的信息 是关于万民的 就是救世主降生了 他一生在世传道救人 以后在十字架上 舍命流血 赎人的罪 死后三日复活 使人称义 四十日升天 凡信他爱他的人 必得着平安福气

在这图书表面 为什么有好些行星呢 因为这圣经上说 古时候有东方博士 看见天上 有特别的星出现 就知道万王之王 救主耶稣降生 所以从远方特来拜他

图书上有一十字架 上面有今天两个字 是指明耶稣降生日 普世的信徒定规用阳历十二月二十五号 为快乐日 为耶稣圣诞节 在这一日上 普的信徒 有特别的聚会 纪念敬拜主耶稣 请众位也到礼拜堂来 和信徒一同快乐一同敬拜 得着从主而来的平安

注意——我报给你们大喜的信息是关于万民的今天为你们降生了救主 路加二章十节


图下:上海商务印书馆代印 请到福音堂听道查经 上海昆山花园四号

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