Sin, Blood, Righteousness, and Glory

From left to right, there is a crown, a heart that says “Jesus”, a cross, and a heart that says “sin”

English Translation

Sin, Blood, Righteousness, and Glory

from right to left, on the figure:
Jesus gave His life and shed His blood to atone for sins

From right to left:
All the people of the world have sinned in the sight of the true God, and Jesus shed His blood on the cross and gave His life to atone for their sins, if anyone confesses his sins, he will be justified by the merits of the Savior, and whoever believes in the Lord will have peace in his eyes and glory in his future.

At the bottom
Nan Hundred and Ninety-three Chang (NanChang Hundred and Ninety-three)

Simplified Transcription



世界上的人 在真神面前 都犯了罪 主耶稣在十字架上流血 舍命赎罪 人若认罪靠救主的功劳 得称为义 凡信主的 眼前有平安 将来有荣耀

南 百九三 昌

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