Sunday school graduation certificate

A graduation certificate of phonetic alphabet crash course

English Translation

Right: National phonetic alphabet crash-course graduation certificate

Inside the book: This Bible is able to make you wise unto salvation because of your faith in Christ Jesus

Today (name) of (name of) province (name of) county currently (number) years old

At this church (name of church) attended the national phonetic alphabet crash-course has passed the Bible reading and recitation test and is eligible to receive this certificate as evidence

Pastor (name) of (church) [and] (name) instructor

Inside small box: another certificate can be written as evidence

Chinese Republic    year    month    day

Above: office stub
Below: Today (name) of (name of) province (name of) county
Current (number) years old has graduated from the national phonetic alphabet crash-course
Chinese Republic year month day

Shanghai Publishing Company

Simplified Transcription



今有 是 省县人现年 岁

在本校堂 注音字母速成科修习


牧师 会 教员


中华民国 年 月 日

下:今有 是 省 县
人现年 岁在注音字母速成科毕业
中华民国 年 月 日


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