The Bible Announces the Way of Salvation

The instruments of Jesus’ torture and death are displayed

English Translation

Top banner: The Bible Announces the Way of Salvation

Big banners on right and left: Be saved through the precious blood; All sins be cleansed
Small banners on right and left: The Lord Jesus was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities. Isa 53:5; The punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

On the cross: He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree. (1 Pe 2:24)

On the Bible: Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures. (1 Co 15:3)

Bottom right corner: This picture is dark, because when Christ was nailed on the cross, darkness came over all the land. The sun stopped shining. This means that because of sin, the whole world has been separated from God and became a dark world. Christ died to overcome sin and turn darkness into light. Money means Christ was sold by one of his disciples for thirty silver coins. Christ has ransomed us not with gold or silver but through his most precious blood. Ropes mean that Jesus was bound and was questioned. He can free us from the chains of sin and the horrible day of Judgment. Whip and pole show that Christ was flogged the righteous for the unrighteous by his wounds we are healed. The Crown of Thorns – Christ wore the crown of thorns so that whoever believes in him could wear the crown of glory.

Bottom left corner: Nail and hammer – Christ was nailed on the cross and suffered and died for us. He redeemed us so we could die to sin and live to God. Palms – People slapped Christ with their hands. Christ’s holy hands were nailed because of us. Now he is stretching out his hands to save and help us. Clothes – Christ’s clothes were stripped and divided up by casting lots by the soldiers. He has given us his robe of righteousness and the clothes of heavenly glory. Vinegar and sponge – Christ was thirsty and had only vinegar to drink. He gives us living water to drink and satisfies us with his love. Spear – Christ’s side was pierced, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water so that my sins could be cleansed, my punishment of eternal death has been and my filth been washed. What would you say to such a Savior? Don’t you want to believe in him, worship him and serve him?

Border: Bible Testimony Series No. 2 Previous Editions 10,000 Third Edition 5,000 The Phonetic Promotion Committee 5 Quinsan Gardens, Shanghai

Simplified Transcription




小条幅:右侧:主耶稣为我们的过犯受害 为我们的罪孽压伤 以赛亚五十三章五节


十字架上:主被挂在木头上亲身担当了我们的罪 彼前二章二十四节

圣经上:基督照圣经所说 为我们的罪死了 林前十五章三节

右下角: 这画图是黑暗 因为基督钉在十字架上的时候 遍地黑暗 太阳没有光 这是表明普世界因罪恶 与上帝隔开 成为黑暗世界 基督受死 正是得胜罪恶 使黑暗变为光明 钱 是表明基督被自己的门徒中一个人所卖 为要得三十块钱 基督赎我们不是用金银 乃是用他最宝贝的血 绳索 是指着基督被捆绑 带去受审 他能释放我们脱离罪恶的捆绑 和可怕的审判大日 鞭子和柱子 指明基督被鞭打 是义的代替不义的 因他受的鞭伤 我们便得了医治 荆棘的冠冕 基督戴荆棘的冠冕 是叫信从他的人 可得着荣耀的冠冕

左下角: 钉和锤 基督被钉在十字架上 代替我们受苦 为我们死 救赎我们 是使我们可向罪死了 向上帝活着 手掌 人用手掌打基督 基督的圣手是为我们被钉 现在他伸出他的手来 拯救帮助我们 衣服 基督的衣服被脱下来 兵丁拈阄分了 他把他的义袍和天堂荣耀的衣服给我们 醋和海绒 基督的口渴 单是有醋喝,他使我们喝活水 并用他的慈爱 叫我们得满足 枪 基督肋旁被扎 水也血也流出来洗我全身多罪孽 除灭死亡免永刑 使我肮脏变为清 你对于这样一位救主是怎样呢 你不要信靠他敬拜他事奉他么

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