Two Faces

An image of a face, which, when inverted presents a different expression

English Translation

Front: All those who toil and bear heavy burdens, can come to me (Jesus) I (Jesus) will certainly give you rest The Lord will replace sadness with oil of gladness and a grief-laden spirit with garments of praise.

Inside the box: Faithless sinners certainly have no peace in their hearts Blessed are those whose sins are forgiven and whose trespasses are covered over.

Back: Sincere on the inside, peaceful on the outside, this saying is not wrong. The person whose heart-mind is troubled, trouble will certainly show on his face; [the person] whose inner heart-mind is peace and joy, joy shows on that person’s face. How can a person’s heart-mind be without peace and joy? It might be said it is because the environment is bad; [we do well] to ask, how did the environment come to be bad? As for those in the world who claim that the environment is good, have they never sighed and groaned while experiencing distress and misery? The “peace and joy” created by our environment, is it true and lasting peace and joy?

The Lord-on-High is the source of peace and joy. It is unfortunate that people’s hearts have sin, and so are separated from the Lord-on-High. To be with sin is to be troubled. To be with the Lord-on-High is peace and joy. Praise and thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, he is the Lord-on-High’s only Son, who willingly came down to the world and gave himself up, dying on a cross, and bearing our sin; by his blood we can wash away all our offences; he sets us free from the bondage of sin; calls us to be reconciled to the Lord-on-High, spares us from falling into depravity, and grants eternal life. Only he is able to give us peace and joy. All who believe in him, although pressed down, harmed, and troubled by sin, can slowly be transformed into people of peace and joy.

Simplified Transcription

正面: 凡劳苦负重担的 可以到我(耶稣)这里来 我(耶稣)必赐你安息 主以喜乐油代替悲哀赞美衣代替忧伤的灵

在框里面: 犯罪不信的人心中必没有平安 得赦免其过遮盖其罪的这人是有福的

反面: 诚於中,和於外,这话不是错的,心里忧愁的人,面必忧愁;心内平安喜乐的,面必喜乐。人心何以没有平安喜乐呢?或说因为环境不好;请问环境因何不好呢?至於世界所谓环境好的人,不也曾长吁短叹,忧惊苦楚麽?环境所造出来的「平安喜乐,」是长久真正的平安喜乐吗?


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