Come to the Banquet

A wealthy man inviting crowd to dine in his house.

English Translation

Two. This picture shows that people who are starving and suffering come to the banquet. The master looks very happy when welcoming them. Jesus Christ, our Lord, loves us and invites us all to go to where he is and to believe in him. He will arrange a feast for us. He will prepare a home in heaven for us. He invites people in and outside of China; rich and poor, everybody goes. He wants us to be one family. Are we to decline  this invitation and not go? Jesus invites you to go today. He will give you happiness and peace. Do you know how to go? You cannot be like those who refused to go; you shall be like those who are starving and poor—those who are badly in need of a feast. You should know that you are a sinner, and you must beg Jesus to forgive your sin. Jesus already died for you. You should remember to say, “God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” (Lk 18:13)

On the couplet, right to left: Everyone in the world is part of one family. All within the four seas are brothers.

Simplified Transcription



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