Consecration Hymn: A Vessel Filled With Living Water (2)

Three pictures: A general giving orders, a lamp in a dark room, an author writing poetry

English Translation

Top right: Verse Four
Lord [if] you light the dark night I would be the silver lamp
Prepare oil ceaselessly resplendent like the stars in the sky
Put me on the table so once people come in they can describe what they see
The entire house generates brilliance and gloominess turns to brightness

Bottom right: Verse Five
Lord [if] you send down the soldiers of heaven I would be the flag
Kindness as a shield and righteousness as a spear, signal in the east then attack in the west
Sit on the throne passing out orders to command and succeed in my decisions
Defeat the demons and songs of triumph may never cease

Middle left: Verse Six
Lord [if] you write characters I would be the writing brush
Hold the bamboo brush to the inkstone’s ink, and I will thoroughly enjoy writing
Smoothly and painting flowers that are beautiful
Unravel the book of life, relentlessly copy without fatigue
On it records the Saints’ names, never to be crossed out

Border: Consecration Hymn “A Vessel Filled With Living Water” (Right to left) 条屏页尺 CATALOGUE No. 3090 [handwriting: 20104] (SET OF TWO) (B乙)
Religious Tract Society Hankow and Shanghai

Simplified Transcription

右上: 第四节

右下: 第五节

左中: 第六节

脚注:Consecration Hymn “A Vessel Filled With Living Water” (右至左) 条屏页尺 CATALOGUE No. 3090 [手写字迹: 20104] (SET OF TWO) (B乙) (右至左)上海圆明园路二十三号 汉口鄱阳街中市 中国基督圣教书会发行

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