Dr. W.W. Peter

This is a poster for a forthcoming YMCA public health campaign, no date given. It has Chinese calligraphy and a photograph of Dr. W. W. Peter, the YMCA secretary in China from 1913-1927, known for his work on public health campaigns in China. The poster states that science and technology are crucial for national prosperity and strength. The event will include Dr. W. W. Peter as well as reputed scientists from across the nation, invited to introduce new technology and to inspire youth and national spirit.

English Translation

Hygiene Exposition

Both the educated and uneducated agree that the mightiness and the feebleness of a country is dependent on the prosperity or decline of science. The immediate effect and popularization of science can only be achieved through lecturing. Lectures can make it easy for people to understand and they imprint a long lasting memory, but they would be of no effect without on-site experimentations. The National Council of the YMCA China, by specially engaging both Chinese and foreign science experts, has organized a group of lecturers and is sending them with the most recently invented equipment to lecture in every province. These lectures aim to inspire youths’ knowledge and awaken the spirit of the nationals, which is indeed drastically different from ordinary speeches. Now Mr. William Wesley Peter, M.D., of the United States, who is an experienced researcher in the field of hygiene, has been invited by __[person]__ to __[place]__ to lecture expertly on the true explanation of hygiene and perform fantastical experiments on stage. Besides the tickets that have already been printed and distributed to several offices, we will host ordinary guests on _[month]_ _[date]_. Please go to the places opened after [the prior ones] to get your tickets, and come to the exposition on time to see Mr. Peter in person to listen to his great theories and view his experiments. This is a great opportunity that will occur only once in a thousand years, do not miss it! Period.
The place of exposition will be at ____
Date: __ solar/lunar calendar __[month]__ __[date]__ __[ante/post] meridiem __[hour]__ start/end
The locations for ordinary guests to pick up their tickets is followed after.

Simplified Transcription



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