Elizabeth kneels before Mary

Elizabeth kneels before Mary

English Translation

The Virgin Mary goes to see Elizabeth

My soul praises God and my heart and soul rejoices in Him who saved me, because He looked upon the lowliness of His maidservant, and henceforth all the nations of the world will praise me as truly blessed, because God Almighty has shown me great mercy, and His name is Holy, and His mercy flows from generation to generation to those who fear Him, and He has used His arm to scatter those who are proud in their inmost thoughts, and to push down from high places those in authority, and to lift up the humble and send away the hungry with blessings. The rich and powerful returned empty-handed, and God, thinking always of his mercy, saved his servant, Israel, as he had promised our ancestor Abraham, and his descendants from generation to generation.

In the autumn of the year of Bingzi [1936], Wang Suda made a picture in Beijing and recorded a verse of the New Testament of the Song of The Virgin Mary

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