Hygiene of the Teeth

This is a bilingual poster, with text in Chinese and English, promoting dental hygiene. It was printed by the Canadian Mission Press in Chengdu (Chengtu), China.

English Translation

Top: The Contrast Between Good and Bad Hygiene

Top row (right to left):
(1) I love to eat and never pay attention to my oral hygiene.
(2) I never paid attention to my oral hygiene, which made my teeth and other parts of my body sick. I am in a lot of pain.
(3) My teeth are falling out and they hurt so much. I will go to the dentist to get some medicine.
Bottle: Instant pain killer

Bottom row (right to left):
(1) I pay a lot of attention to oral hygiene. After eating, I always brush my teeth with a toothbrush and tooth powder. I go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned twice a year.
(2) Because I take care of my teeth, I am healthy and I often play soccer and do other sports.
(3) I am healthy mentally. I am not only willing to go horseback riding, but I also brush my teeth often.

West China Council on Health Education No. 13
“Hygiene of the Teeth”
Canadian Mission Press, Chengtu

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