New and Old Style Funerals

Upper image: a Christian funeral

Lower image: Buddhist monks are holding a funeral for deceased person

English Translation


New and Old Styled Funerals

Upper image left: (from right to left) Eternal Repose of the Soul of Mr. Xiwen, Bereaving a Good Friend, with deep condolences from Wencheng Huang & Meiyu Li

Upper image right: Return to Heaven with Honor, with deep condolences from Zhidao Cheng

Lower image: Linyun Temple; Eternal Repose of the Soul of Dear Sir Renbo

Illustrated by the Editorial Experimental Section, Department of Religious Education, Jinling Seminary, Nanjing; Validated by the National Chinese Christian Association for the Promotion of Religious Education; Published by the Christian Literature Society, 128 Buwuyuan Rd., Shanghai

Neighborhood Sunday School Lessons Pictures

Simplified Transcription



上图左(从右至左):希文先生 千古,痛失良朋,黄文成 李美玉 敬挽

上图右:荣归天家,程志道 敬挽

下图: 林云禅寺

左侧墙壁:仁伯老伯大人 千古





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