The Sin of Causing People to Fall

The father talks to his sons at the table

English Translation

The Sin of Causing People to Fall

Romans 14

(Words on the picture’s border): 31:25

This Chinese poster demonstrates that we should be healthy and not cause others to fall and hurt their bodies and mind. In the picture, the father teaches his sons. There are two pictures on the wall. One of them is child Jesus with healthy body and mind; the other one shows someone that someone falls.

It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to fall.
Romans 14:21

Simplified Transcription




由上至下: 这中国图表明自己人该健康 也不叫别人跌倒在伤害身灵的事上 图内是父亲教训儿子
墙上挂有两幅图 一是耶稣在孩童时身灵的健康 那图内是有人跌倒

无论是吃肉是喝酒是什么别的事 叫弟兄跌倒 一概不作才好


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