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A comparison of the highest Himalayan peak and the height of Taishan with the height of all the Chinese Bibles printed in 1935 if they were stacked on top of each other.

English Translation

In the year of 1935, the sales numbers of Trinity Publishing in the whole country: Complete Bible: 83,389; New Testament: 80,609; Single books of the Bible: 9,120,543. Assuming that each volume of the Old and New Testament is one inch, five New Testaments are four inches, one hundred gospel books and other books are one foot, then if they are stacked up together the height would be 106,192 feet, which is more than four times the height of the world’s highest mountain (24,509 feet); the Himalayas is 24,509 feet high and Taishan is 4,300 feet high. Red measure on the right: 4,300 Height of Taishan. 24,509 Height of Himalayas. 106,192 Bible sales in 1935

Simplified Transcription

一九三五年 三圣书会在全国圣书销数 新旧约 八万三千三百八十九本 新约 八万另六百另九本 单本 九百十二万另五百四十三本 若每本新旧约以一寸计算五本新约以四寸计算百本福音书或其他另再以一尺计算积叠起来则有十万零六千一百九十二尺与世界最高之山峰(二万四千五百另九尺)比较则高出四倍有奇 希马拉亚山高 二万四千五百另九尺 泰山高 四千三百尺 右侧红色标尺:4,300 泰山高度 24,509 希马拉亚山高度 106,192一九三五年圣经销数高度

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