Are Members of the Church in Communion?

Three scenes of meritorious behavior are rewarded with someone being released from purgatory

English Translation

Top: Are members of the Church in communion with each other?

Bottom: All members of the Church are in communion with each other. If I do some good work, others have a share in it; if others do good works, I have a share in them.

Middle words from right to left: Corporal works of mercy
Save the souls in Purgatory
Spiritual works of mercy

Simplified Transcription

顶端: 教中人的善功 能彼此相通否

底端:能彼此相通我若行了善功别人也有分子 若别人行了善功也有我的分子

中央从右至左:形哀矜 拯救炼灵 神哀矜

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