Are There Other Commandments to Be Kept?

Catechism Poster

English Translation

Top: Besides the Ten Commandments are there any other commandments to be kept? Yes, there are the Four Precepts of the Catholic Church. They are, one, to participate in Mass on all Sundays and feast days.

Bottom: Second, to fast and abstain on the days commanded by the Church; third, go to confession at least once a year; fourth: receive Holy Communion at least once a year

Top right: Look at the church bulletin regularly
On the gate: Church Bulletin
Above the gate: Catholic Church

Top left: Observe church holidays
On the wall: Church Bulletin

Center picture, above the gate: Catholic Church

Simplified Transcription

顶端:十诫外还有别样规矩么 有圣教四规 就是一凡主日及诸瞻礼之日 宜与弥撒

底端:二遵守圣教所定斋期 三 解罪至少每年一次 四 领圣礼至少每年一次




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