How Many Sacraments Are There?

Catechism Poster

English Translation

Top: How many sacraments are there? There are seven sacraments, which are…

Top right: Baptism – To destroy both original sins and actual sins

Top left: Penance – To forgive all sins committed by the faithful after Baptism

Bottom right: Holy Eucharist – To be the spritual food of our souls

Bottom left: Confirmation – To be soldiers of Jesus Christ

Simplified Transcription

顶端: 圣事有几件 有七件就是

右上:圣洗 消灭原罪本罪

左上:告解 赦教中人在领洗后所犯过的诸罪

右下:圣体 做世人的神粮

左下:坚振 做耶稣的勇兵

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