What is God’s Grace?

A picture of someone in heaven and another in hell

English Translation

Top right: What is God’s grace? It is God’s grace constantly on one’s soul to make it beautiful.

Bottom right: Beloved of God, who has given us grace? This grace is bestowed on our souls by God through the merits of Jesus Christ.

Top left: We lost grace at once when we commit any mortal sin. What are the evil effects of this loss?

Bottom left: When our souls lose grace, we cannot do any worthwhile work, just like one’s body without the soul would be dead and cannot do anything.

Top center: God’s Grace

Right picture: Eternal happiness in Heaven

Left picture: Eternal sufferings in Hell

Left edge: Do not take unrighteous wealth

Center above the buddha: Fortune

Simplified Transcription

右上: 天主的宠爱是什么 是天主的神恩常在人的灵魂上使他华美


左上: 犯一个大罪就失落了宠爱失了这个宠爱有什么害处







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