Who is the Head of the Catholic Church?

Catechism poster with pictures of Jesus and the Pope showing who is the head of the Catholic church

English Translation

Top: The Holy Church is established by our Lord Jesus himself. All believers in the world belong to one church, just like one body.

Middle: Who is the head of the Catholic Church? The invisible head of the Church is Jesus, the Son of God.

Bottom: The visible head of the Church is the Pope, the successor of St. Peter.

Top picture: Under Jesus’ feet, from right to left: Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Asia

Bottom picture, from right to left: How is the Catholic Church different from other religious bodies? The Catholic Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic, and is therefore very different from every other religious body.

Simplified Transcription

顶部: 圣教会是吾主耶稣亲自立的普天下奉教人共成一会犹如一身



上图:耶稣脚下, 从右到左: 欧罗巴洲 亚美利加洲 奥洲 亚非利加洲 亚细亚洲

下图:从右至左:圣教会与别的会有什么分别 圣教会是至一 (续左)至圣至公从宗徒传下来的与别的会大有分别

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