Men’s Prayer Pictures

Different prayers provided for men in daily activities

English Translation

Top: Prayers for man at work. If you work continually every day, you should also pray continually
First row from right to left:
Prayer for shepherding Lord – Please protect me from danger and fatigue. Hold me in your arms every day like a sheep.
Prayer for pruning trees – Lord, please prune me and take away my evil desires and thoughts so I can bear much fruit of the Spirit.
Prayer for building a house: Lord, please make me stand firm in the faith, like a house built on the rock. When the rain comes down, the streams rise, and the winds blow, the house does not fall.
Middle row from right to left:
Prayer for seeding – Lord, please spread the good seeds of virtue in my heart. Make them grow till they produce a crop that is a hundred times what was sown.
Prayer for hoeing the field – Lord, please pull away all the weeds and thorns in my heart so the truth will grow in my heart like a branch that will prosper day by day.
Prayer for winnowing – Lord, please winnow the chaff in my heart and make me a pure wheat to be gathered into the barn.
Bottom row from right to left:
Prayer for fetching water – Lord, please give me spiritual water to quench my thirst and wash the impurities in my heart.
Prayer for carpentry – Lord, shape me so I can be smooth and become a useful instrument that is pleasing to you.
Prayer for bookkeeping – Lord, may my debt of sin be paid off by the blood of Jesus. May my name be written in heaven so I can be set free both in body and spirit.
Published by the Religious Tract Society, Hankow
Man At Work Cat. No. 20011

Simplified Transcription

牧羊祷告: 求主保护我。不遇危险。常使我不致困乏。日日怀抱我。如同小羊。
撒种祷告: 求主将道德的善种。撒在我心里日夜生长不息终至结实百倍。
锄地祷告: 求主锄去我心中的荒草与一切的荆棘使真理在我心中发生如田苗日渐兴盛
簸场祷告: 求主簸净我心中的糠秕。做一个纯净的麦子。终被收在仓里。
挑水祷告: 求主赐灵水解释我心中的干渴。并洗濯我心中的污秽。
木工祷告: 求主造就我使我光洁方正。成一个有用的器皿。为主喜悦。
写账祷告: 求主因耶稣的宝血。还清了我的罪债。更要将我的名。记录在天上。使我的身心都得释放。

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