True Happiness

Illustrations that go with the song: pictures of children, a heart, a snake, a cross, a stairway to heaven, and hands

English Translation

Top: True happiness

Large black characters (top to bottom then right to left): Truly happy, I have a fulfilled heart and am truly happy; Truly happy, the Lord’s love towards me is shown by the Lord bearing my sin; I run straight ahead towards heaven; My heart is fulfilled, for eternity; The Lord givesme my true happiness

Small characters at the bottom left: 72 Revivalist Spirituals

Children’s Gospel Advertisement No. 20
Published by Jiangxi Nanchang China Inland Mission

Simplified Transcription


(上至下后右至左): 真快乐 我心满有真快乐 真快乐 主爱向我显现 我罪主替我担当罪 我前奔直往天堂 我心充满永远长存 主赐 给我的真快乐



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