Why Did Jesus Die?

Picture of the Crucifixion in the center and four small pictures in the corners

English Translation

Title: To Save the World

Upper Right: Sacrificing his only son in order to manifest his respect and love for Heaven’s command

Lower Right: Giving up one’s office and losing one’s honor sitting in prison revering the Lord for all of one’s life

Upper Left: The consequence of original sin caused God the Provider ([Yehehua] Yi le) to utterly abandon his bodily glory

Lower Left: In order to redeem humans from sin, he prayed until holy blood flowed

Bottom: All the people of the world who receive this teaching rely on the special favor that comes from the blood that flowed on the holy cross, and are able to receive salvation of their souls and rise to Heaven.

Simplified Transcription







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Our translation provided above takes 逸乐 in the top left bar to be a variant homonym for a title for God. The translation for yi le 逸乐 was suggested by a scholar of Catholic Christianity, as a rendering of one of the most common titles for God (Jehovah) the Provider (耶和华逸乐 yehehua yile). The more common rendering today is 以勒 (also pronounced yi le).

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